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P.A.R.T Ministries, INC. is our community outreach program that inspires, supports, and produces high-caliber fine arts events and programming in developing communities. While spreading The Good News of “The Gospel of Christ” to save souls, renew minds, and uplift spirits through creative works that purposefully actively reveal truth. We actively engage with the voices of the youth and underrepresented communities to encourage the use of arts to promote positivity with the belief...


“The purpose of the ART is to Praise !"


With your generous donation, P.A.R.T. Ministries will continue to produce high-caliber fine arts in developing communities, empower underrepresented voices, and spread truth through multimedia entertainment. Become a P.A.R.T.ner today and know you’ve made a positive impact on the world!

Do your P.A.R.T.

Purposefully Actively Reveal Truth

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